Traditional Medicine: 8 Health Benefits of Sea Cucumber You Have To Know

Have you familiar with sea cucumber? For some people they are unfamiliar with these things, still didn’t know that sea cucumber be able to consume and sea cucumber benefit for human health. Sea cucumber is categorized as marine animals (Chinoderms) from the class of Holothurodea, sea cucumber can be found in salty waters and they live near on the ocean floor. The sea cucumber have similar shape like cucumber with a length about 0.11 to 12 inches. A long time ago, sea cucumber has been consumed by Chinese people (Chinese people called as haishen which means such ginseng of the sea) for celebrate a festive new year banquet dish (The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea) and used as the traditional medicine for some of diseases.
Sea cucumber familiar is known as queen of the sea looking for its million benefits especially for human health. Sea cucumber rich of vitamins and mineral makes this animal can be used as food source since the ancient times. In the beginning of 18th century, sea cucumber known has been used as a dishes in some of country and consuming or using sea cucumber varies in traditional ways. The country that use sea cucumber as foods is Japan, Papua New Guinea and China.
Sea cucumber are not categorized as the protected animal by national or international law, make the peoples are freely to catch them and consuming the sea cucumber. Over the time, many of scientists has been curious and interest about the content of sea cucumbers and conducting the research to find the sea cucumber benefit especially for health and it surprisingly many of research have make remarkable health benefits of sea cucumber.
The interesting thing about sea cucumber is, this animal rich of chondroitin sulphate that can be used to medicate the joint pain. The scientist M. Bollinger the author of Cancer book told to media about the sea cucumber benefit is very effectively to use in order to treat joint pain and arthritic pain and sea cucumber has the highest number of chondroitin sulphate compare to other animal.
Therefore, it is important for us to spread the information about the sea cucumber benefits especially health benefit. As the result the demand of sea cucumber has growing time by time, many of people are paying attention for the benefit of sea cucumber itself. Here we concluded the health benefit of sea cucumber:

1. Anti-Microbial
The first health benefits of sea cucumber is used as antimicrobial, antimicrobial functions as particle or agent for destroying, kills and stopping the growth of microorganism especially for the type of pathogenic microorganism. Besides antimicrobial term there is micro bacterial but both of them have different act for microorganism, antimicrobial has focusing on preventing the spread of fungi, bacteria, and other some viruses. While, micro bacterial has focusing on stopping the development of bacterial in human body. After several research on pharmaceutical industries about sea cucumber extract, they are started to realized that our ocean contains of a million array of organisms with unique biological and beneficial.

There are three types (species) of sea cucumber that have been found by scientist which is Holothuria scabra, Holothuria parva and Holothuria leucospilota. Among three species of sea cucumbers has a similar extracts with strong potential against the bacterials, fungals and viruses particle. Sea cucumber is one the echinoderms animal with leathery skin and soft body has important functions for preventing the spread of bacteria due to its anti-microbial particle called as sapogennins. Some research activity has found that sea cucumber containing much of antimicrobial agents, lactobacillus sp, escerichia coli, aeromonas hydrophilia, pseudomonas aerugennins was very sensitive against the sea cucumber antimicrobial. Therefore, the health benefits of sea cucumber through its antimicrobial (sapogennins) are very potential to inhibit the spread of bacteria activity.

2. Boosting Bone Growth
Guys, do you know that the sea cucumbers are very beneficial for your health? The sea cucumber containing more than 86,8 % of protein and collagen that very helpful for bone and skin growth of human. The nature of sea cucumber they are easily destroyed by pepsin enzyme in our body. Most of us only know that the important part of bone is just calcium phosphate, but not only that, our bone consist of calcium phosphate and collagen. Since the collagen will prevent our bone breaks easily. That’s why we need a balance composition between collagen and calcium phosphate. Then the high calcium in sea cucumbers will help the process of bone growth and maintaining bone health.

3. Diabetic Patient
Diabetic is the condition when human have a problem with their blood sugar level make the patient should be continuity medical treatment and self-management attention because the nature of diabetic is can create another acute complication, therefore we have to prevent that condition and reduce the possibility of the risk long term complications. The diabetic is incurable but other ways we can control the blood sugar level beside insulin dependency.

The extract nutrition of sea cucumber able to stimulate the pancreas system to produce more insulin for our body sea cucumber rich of B1, B2, B6, B12 and also sea cucumber benefits can improve the stability and performance of kidneys and lymph makes the sugar level can be digested properly. Besides that, the sea cucumber benefit is contains high protein that can be beneficial given to the diabetes mellitus, the higher protein will boosting to regenerating pancreatic beta cells in producing insulin. Therefore, for diabetic patient, the high level of protein of sea cucumber can helping the production of insulin.

Sea cucumber is categorized as the marine animal which has a lot of advantages as human food source. The next benefit of sea cucumber benefit for health for diabetic patient, sea cucumber can boosting the regeneration of dead cells from wounds. The extract of sea cucumber are gives to the patient with gangrene or have injured cause by diabetes mellitus effects. And after several days gives the positive impacts to that people and the wound dries up. What the reason behind that? According to Researcher Faculty of Medicine Bochum University in Germany, why sea cucumber extract can help the wound of diabetic’s patient is because sea cucumber extract rich of collagen, which is the collagen are very important for the regeneration of dead cells of human and helping the wounds of diabetic patient.

4. Anemia Medicate
Until now, recent study and research have discovered that sea cucumber also can be used as medicine. Another sea cucumber benefit for human health can be used as medicine for anemia patient. This animal can heal such of disease, for example, cancer prevention, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, diabetic disease and anemia medicate. Because of sea cucumber rich of value-added component such as carotenoid, bioactive peptides, vitamins, minerals, collagen, amino acids and triterpene glycosides.

The next health benefits of sea cucumber is can be used as anemia patient medicated. Sea cucumber has a lot of nutrition such as nutrients and vitamins that can be hardly to found in another foods. Sea cucumber has a great value, in previous paragraph we discussing about the sea cucumber benefit can be used as medicine for diabetic patient, anti-bacterial, bone growth. Sea cucumber able to use as a medicine for anemia patient. Sea cucumber contains a variety of blood components. Sea cucumber rich of cystine, proline, leucine and other trace elements such as iron, vanadium, and nutrition can effectively improve and prevent all kinds of anaemia situation by boosting making of red blood cells.

5. Cholesterol Patient
Cholesterol can be found in every human but the difference is the total number of cholesterol of someone and another. Cholesterol is identic with fat situation but you have to keep in mind, someone with tiny body still have the possibility affected by cholesterol. The cholesterol patient can cause another some chronic disease such as the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. In order to reduce the number of cholesterol, the sea cucumber are recommended for you and consuming sea cucumber regularly. Since the sea cucumber can maintain the body cell regeneration and improve of the function of our body to damage the cholesterol particle.

6. Sea Cucumber Benefit for Pregnant Woman
During pregnant period, that is good for mother to consume the sea cucumber. Why? Because the sea cucumber rich of vitamins and mineral for example B1, B2, B6, B12, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Potassium, Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Iodine and Molybdenum. As we know that during pregnancy, the mother needs enough calcium that can be used for bone development of the baby.

Besides that, most of pregnant woman scared to have birth defect on their newborns, to avoid that situation mother need to find folic acid in help to prevent birth defect in the newborns. Sea cucumber benefit also have other vitamins and mineral that beneficial for the growing of baby fetus. Meanwhile, there are some condition that pregnant women need to pay attention in consuming the sea cucumber, do not eat too much. In terms of nutrition, boiled, fried, cold cooking methods can ensure the most contained in sea cucumber nutrient loss is not easy, and delicious taste. There is some important point for pregnant women when they want eat sea cucumber have the following points:
For the allergic pregnant woman are not recommended to eat sea cucumber especially for the women who has such allergic of sea animal or other allergic.

The second important point is when they want to eat sea cucumber, they must choose a good sea cucumber quality. Please choose the good one quality of sea cucumber that can play as a tonic effects for our body.
For the women suffering from acute appendicitis, cold, asthma or a weak spleen of pregnant women, is not suitable to eat sea cucumbers. Therefore, they must be pay attention or far away from the sea cucumber.
For the pregnant women please pay attention for the quantity, do not eat too much. Just consuming the sea cucumber as needed.

Therefore, after we know the bunch benefit of sea cucumber for pregnant women but we still need to pay attention if we eat the sea cucumber. Focusing in choosing a good quality of sea cucumber and do not eat too much (especially, for the women who has a lot of allergic)

7. As prevent for the growth of cancer cells
Another great value of sea cucumber benefit for our health is can be used prevent of the growth of cancer cells. Most of the cancer patient are recommended to frequently consume the sea cucumber. The extract of sea cucumbers can reduce the growth of cancer cells, even stub out and destroy the cells. The component of sea cucumber which is Triterpen Glycosides can reduced and combating the growth of cancer cells. For the higher level of cancer there is still opportunity by consuming the sea cucumber. For the cancer patient with early stages possibly might bring more positive impact. Since the sea cucumber are containing of Triterpen Glycosides and philinopside E. these two component are very useful for stimulation for blood vessels and manage the spread of cancer cell through blood vessels.

8.Impotence Disease
A long time ago in China, they have their own treatment in medicated the impotence patient by consuming the sea cucumber. They are believed that sea cucumbers will help increase blood flow in the blood vessels around the vital organs of men. Further, the nutrition and protein of sea cucumber will also keep the health of sperm cells. Therefore, the impotence is the most frightening things for people especially for men and because of sea cucumber has believed can reduce the potential of impotence, many of men in China consuming the sea cucumber compare to a woman.

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