Using coconut coir mat to prevent soil erosion

Erosion control coir mat can be called by several names such as coir mat, coir net or coir mesh. Despite different names, they are unified in making material and functions. Coir mats are often spread in areas that have high risk of soil erosion such as river banks, mountains, beaches,…etc. Having been made from 100% natural coconut fiber which is biodegradable, these coir mats have done a good job in preventing the nutrition inside soil being washed away by rain water. Coir mat helps keep soil from being contaminated and creates a favorable environment for the growth of plants. On the whole, coir mats play an important role in preventing deforestation and soil erosion.

Nowadays, coir mats/coir nets are widely used in the world as a biodegradable material for sustainable life. We can easily find coir mat in high way, rive bank stabilization, hill… around the world


Coir mat help for erosion control in Europe

coir mat used on road

Coir mat used on roads

In Vietnam, there is a vast area in which millions of coconut trees are being grown for agriculture purposes. That area locates in Tra Vinh, a Southern region of Vietnam. Previously, coconuts were mainly harvested to be sold as a kind of beverage. After taking the coconut water inside coconut husks, these coconut shells and husks were often disposed as trash. However, about 10 years ago, the local people began to think of a way to make use of these coconut shells as a material in making eco-friendly products. The idea of extracting coir fiber from coconut shells to make coir mat appeared and created a new industry of making coir mat for exporting. This industry remained its popularity and attraction until now.

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