What is peanut oil cake and its benefits?

Many people are now talking about using peanut oil cake to make animal food or as fertilizer to have clean food and clean meat without having to use weight gainers, while ensuring safety for everyone’s health, and at a low cost. So what is peanut oil cake? How does it work specifically? Please follow the article below to learn more about this cake!

What is peanut oil cake?

This is a cake made after pressing peanut oil, it is exactly the leftover residue but made into round pieces. After pressing, under the hydraulic piston presses or under the oil presses (also known as wooden balls) people will collect the excess residue to make round cakes.

Depending on the oil presser, the size of the peanut oil cake is also different, it can be around 30cm

peanut oil cake

How does peanut oil cake work?

Peanut oil cake contains many different minerals, about 40% organic protein and many vitamins useful for animals and plants.

Specifically, Peanut oil cake has two main effects as follows:

– Used Peanut oil cake as organic fertilizer to help plants grow quickly, evenly, safely and cleanly, with high yield. Peanut oil cake, after being processed (soaked or incubated), will provide nutrients to help prevent harmful pathogens, common insects, etc. The direct application method will cause a lot of strong odors. The smell is unpleasant, so you must spray more insecticide because the smell of peanut oil cake will make ants or aphids attack the leaves.

peanut oil cake1

– If you have soaked in compost, it will dissolve quickly, but if you want to dissolve for a long time, you can apply it directly to the plant. When soaked with protein and then hydrolyzed into amino acids, it will help plants absorb better.

– The following plants are very suitable as organic fertilizers such as orchids, apricot trees, fruit trees, ornamental flowers, vegetables, bonsai…

– Used Peanut oil cake as food for livestock mainly, or can also be used as food for home animals such as dogs, cats, birds… Currently, the movement of clean food business is spreading, which means that more and more organic animal food and organic fertilizer are needed, leading to an increasing demand for peanut oil cake.

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