Vietnam To Promote Dragon Fruit EU Market

Vietnam dragon fruit has been European importers known, but strong competition by other exporting countries such as Thailand, Israel and Columbia. So, Vietnam should have an action plan to maintain and increase market share.
Issues such as high cost, making prices less competitive dragon fruit rivals, packaging and marketing is the weakness of VNCI experts indicated to help improve the competitiveness of this product on the international market in general and Europe in particular.
Currently, dragon fruit Vietnam accounted for 40% of the EU market, while Israel is 42%, the rest is the market share of other countries such as Thailand and Columbia. EU annually imports about 230 tons of dragon fruit worth about 747,000 euros.
In addition, the experts also said that the fruit VNCI Vietnam need to work closely with countries to approach and solve the problems of their limitations.
A number of enterprise solutions Vietnam can apply as dragon fruit improve quality through the application of EUREPGAP standards, diversification of dragon fruit kind, reducing transportation costs through centralized transportation, improvements packaging, focusing on key import markets such as the Netherlands and France.