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World market of lemons and limes. |

World Market Of Lemons And Limes

World Market Of Lemons And Limes

The world’s largest producers of lemons and limes increased production volumes due to the growth in demand in recent years. According to the IndexBoxreport “World: Lemons And Limes – Market Report, Analysis And Forecast To 2025”, in 2016 the world market of lemons and limes grew by 19% to $ 13.9 billion in 2015.

These figures reflect the cost of selling lemons and limes by producers and importers, excluding the costs of logistics, marketing and retail premiums. In physical terms, the world consumption of lemons and limes grows by 1% annually.

In 2010, the world market experienced a sharp decline in the production of lemons and limes due to a reduction in the area of cultivation in China in 2010 and the weather in India in 2011. In other countries, there were no significant reductions in market volumes. Later, the volume of production in China and India also stabilized. lists the largest producers of lemons and limes as: India (about 3 million tons per year), Mexico (2.4 million tons), China (2.3 million tons), Argentina (1.7 million tons), Brazil (1.3 million tons), Spain (858,000 tons) and Turkey (822,000 tons). Together, these countries account for three-quarters of the world’s output.

The highest growth rates of production in the period 2007-2016 were recorded in Spain (+ 6% pa), India (+ 2.9%), Mexico (+ 2.6%), Argentina (+ 2%), Brazil (+ 2.4%) and Turkey (+3 %). The decline in production was observed during all these years in China (-4.9% per year).
Publication date: 6/27/2018

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