Anchovies: The Protein-Packed, Omega-3-Rich Healthy Fish

You may have noticed them stacked up on the shelf of your local supermarket or on the menu of your favorite pizza place, but have you ever really given anchovies a try?

Hailing from the Engraulidae family of fish, anchovies are equally rich in both flavor and nutrients. These fish may be tiny, but they pack a major punch, providing tons of protein, heart-healthy fats, and important vitamins and minerals in each serving.

Best of all, you can add these flavorful fish and potent omega-3 foods into a variety of dishes or even enjoy them straight from the can to get a concentrated megadose of nutrition into your diet.

Benefits of Anchovies

  1. High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of important fatty acid that play a role in everything from heart health to brain function. Research shows that these healthy fats may also influence weight management, eye health, fetal development and immunity.

Anchovies are a good source of these crucial fatty acids, providing 951 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids in each two-ounce can.

Although there is no set guideline for the amount of omega-3 fatty acids that you need each day, most organizations recommend between 250–500 milligrams of combined DHA and EPA, the two main forms of omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood. The American Heart Association recommends eating two servings of fatty fish each week or taking a fish oil supplementto meet your omega-3 fatty acid needs.

  1. Support Strong Bones

Each serving of anchovies provides a hearty dose of nutrients, including several that are critical when it comes to supporting bone health. Calcium is essential for keeping your skeletal structure strong. In fact, 99 percent of the calcium in your body is found in your bones and teeth.

Vitamin K is also important for bone health, with some studies showing that it can prevent fractures and help maintain bone mineral density.

A two-ounce serving of anchovies provides 10 percent of the calcium you need for the entire day, plus 7 percent of your daily requirements for vitamin K to help enhance bone health.

  1. Good Source of Protein

Getting enough protein is key to many aspects of health. It builds and repairs tissue, produces important enzymes and hormones in the body, and is an essential component of your bones, muscles, cartilage and tissue.

Eating more high protein foods can also help maintain normal blood sugar levels, prevent age-related muscle loss and promote weight loss.

Just one serving of anchovies contains 13 grams of protein. Combining these fish with a few other protein-rich foods throughout your day can help you easily meet and exceed your daily protein requirement.

Other healthy sources of protein include grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds and legumes.

  1. Boost Heart Health

It goes without saying that the heart is one of your most crucial organs. It pumps blood throughout your entire body, supplying your tissues with the oxygen and important nutrients that they need.

Anchovies boast an impressive nutrient profile and contain many vitamins and minerals that can help protect the health of your heart. Niacin, for example, has been shown to reduce triglycerides and cholesterol, two risk factors for heart disease. One study out of Chicago even found that supplementation with niacin significantly reduced the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Omega-3 fatty acids can also keep your heart healthy by easing inflammation and decreasing cholesterol and blood pressure.

Another study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition even found that selenium, another nutrient found in anchovies, can lower the risk of heart disease. In fact, researchers found that a 50 percent increase in selenium blood concentration was associated with a 24 percent decreased risk of coronary heart disease.

Pair anchovies with other heart-healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, limit your consumption of ultra-processed foods, and exercise regularly to boost the health of your heart even more.


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