Dried Yellow Stripe Trevally

Dried Yellow Stripe want to eat it just turned into a toad does any roadside shop, just a client shifted into the hands of goldfish are themselves willing emissions huom fragrant burning coals of fire on the stove.

Dried Yellow Stripe’s not hard to do, but it was hard. About waters dry season, see overwhelmed by countless fish the hot white iridescent, glittering between chang brilliant sunshine. Want tasty dried fish, fish must select “youth” just fat enough, if that individual “child” and less meat will smell sweet.

In particular, the fishermen must make intelligent choices sunny day, by simply lacks the vitality of the soil blazing sun will ruin much effort. More important is to know the “measured” just enough sun so will your fish. Fresh-faced whip each fish was soaked by the salty sea was sawn in half and soak in salted water about 2 days and nights, then bring out the sun. Amortization of sunshine crispy sea arcade giant fireplace, drying each individual commentaries stocky, white on the body makes switch to red fish au inviting. More sophisticated, dry piece of fish can be marinated pepper spice, very tasty chili.

Dried Yellow Stripe baking or browning is the best. Just put up pieces of dried red au grill or drop into the hot oil, broth until browned both sides and aroma emanates not hide anyone ecstatic. Dry yellow to 3-4 fingers, spread out fan-like, slightly curved up under the heat of the charcoal. Fish iridescent brown skin blistering, dark red flesh was last seen almost sparkling exclamation point just long streaks of fat.

Touch the tip of the tongue first sweet taste slightly smoky aroma aromatic, slightly spicy peppers softened. You just chew slowly started to taste with the crunchy flying, salty skin of the fish, the fresh red meat au Puffy window, salty smell of the sea chang sun.

Do not just eat the food of the “secrets” of the housewives she is clever way to make her husband, rustic dry snapper also are very easy to “put rice”

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