What Are The Nutritional Value Of Fish Maw

Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Maw is a classic dish into foodstuffs. What are the nutritional value of fish maw?Nutritious value of fish maw, dried product contains 84.4% protein, 0.2% fat. Not only rich in nutritional value, but also the seminiferous lungs Oh! Here’s a look at the specific description of it! 

 Nutritional value of fish maw maw that Maw, isinglass, white swim bladder, plastic flowers, fish organs of ups and downs, the profile system and dried together. General shark belly, salamander and other sub-maw, is one of the four seafood, was included in one of the modern “eight treasures.” Maw is a classic dish into foodstuffs.  Rich in nutritional value of fish maw, dried product contains 84.4% protein, 0.2% fat.
First, the nutritional value of fish maw high nutritional value, rich in protein and fat, mainly senior nutrition viscous colloidal protein and polysaccharide substances. It measured 84.4 per hundred grams of dry fish maw containing protein, 0.2 grams fat, 0.2 grams of fat, 50 milligrams of calcium, phosphorus, 29 mg, 2.6 grams of iron. And can be used to treat boils, swelling, pain, swelling of unknown drugs, skin breakdown, cancer; backache, rheumatic back pain, stomach problems, tuberculosis, whooping cough, vomiting, anemia regeneration barriers,  bronchitis and maternal postpartum abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding embolism. Have a good effect on the kidney, stomach and duodenal ulcers, rheumatic heart disease, gynecological self pedicle and irregular menstruation. But also for the capsule shell fish fat and adhesives. Fat fish gelatin made of high-viscosity gel or croaker up to 95%.
Isinglass rich in collagen, collagen in the connective tissue in the human skin intertwined with elastin and proteoglycans form a network structure, there is a certain degree of mechanical strength, is the material basis of supporting the body curve. In addition, there is a certain collagen biological activity, it is involved in cell migration, differentiation, skin, bones and blood vessels, such as maintaining a certain mechanical strength and elasticity. For the beauty of women, the isinglass is collagen, maintaining or restoring skin elasticity good choice.
The nutritional value of fish maw when we eat: 
Maw contains rich protein, nourish  points, spermatogenesis lungs, anemia patients also have the power of the blood. Winter can be a stew, as follows:
1.  in addition to eating ginger vinegar, but also with plastic flowers and pork stew with eggs.
2. The middle-aged man in the winter, cold hand, foot and easily available Maw chicken feet, plus two money Astragalus, Codonopsis two money as a tonic.
3. Maw and Palea, plus wolfberry stew, can also be made tonic.
4. maw but also with chicken, duck or fish stew, fish maw because of sticky, after eating, it is difficult to digest, so drink soup with other supplements among fewer components, the number of times you can eat more.
Maw mentioned above, usually with small plastic flowers can only large fish maw only used in the feast. If cooking class family of wide belly, must stew simmer slowly, rushed, the stiff and tough, not easy to digest.
Elderly eat Maw, of course, is beneficial tonic. But after eating, should walk slowly for some time, in order to facilitate digestion. Otherwise, the fear of a rubber tired danger of stagnation. There phlegm in the elderly, should not eat plastic flowers.
Maw of the nutritional value of the diet: 
Old people will relax the facial skin. Some people loose to see micro vain; some people float eyelids, cheek Pison; some people because of excessively loose, autumn together, all wrinkles. This skin relaxation phenomenon in the instrument lost much in appearance, usually no solution can be found. Japanese beauty expert simply by surgical facial skin tightening. But after tightening the facial dull, bare do not look good. The elderly, if eat – some plastic flowers in winter stew with Astragalus food (Maw can camp embellish skin, Astragalus can  photo collection), it touches a very good way.

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