Natural hair care in Vietnam

Vietnamese traditional hair care methods

Nowadays, technological advancement has resulted in the proliferation of many kinds of instant hair-care nutrients; and traditional hair washing practices seem to be outdated. Most people prefer the ease of picking up a shampoo at the corner store or supermarket; and big brands spend billions each year promoting the next “super ingredients” to their hair care products – to keep ladies in shiny locks.

However, nature is often the best remedy, and for hundreds of years; Vietnamese ladies have created their own concoctions from natural ingredients to keep their hair in great condition.

Although modern shampoo is very effective; Vietnamese traditional hair washing methods are timeless, and have been passed down from generation to generation. One popular natural shampoo is made from Gleditsia Fruit (Quả Bồ Kết); Litsea Glutinosa leaves (Lá Bời Lời); Lemon (Chanh); Pomelo Skin (Vỏ Bưởi) or Lemongrass (Sả).

Vietnamese traditional hair care methods

Although more time consuming to create your own shampoo, it not really complicated to make, giving you a natural, multi-flavored shampoo using locally sourced fruits and herbs. Each ingredient has its own specific function; and when they are combined together, they create a natural and very effective solution to cure dandruff, prevent hair loss, stimulate hair growth and make it very silky, black and shiny.

Discover Nha Trang met Madam Nhung, who has used homemade nutrients for her hair care since she was a child, and she enthusiastically shared with us some key tips in creating the best handmade shampoo.

“Before boiling the Gleditsia Fruit, you should dry it in the Sun, after that grill it until you can smell the scents from it and separate it into equal slices. In this way, your shampoo liquid will provide more suds and becomes much more fragrant. It is important to let ingredients rest a little; as it is much more effective if you crush Litsea Glutinosa leaves and slice Pomelo skin into thin slices.Moreover; after cooking the combination; if you are not in a hurry, let it rest for 2-3 days before using, as the effect is enhanced greatly.”

Apart from Madam Nhung, luckily, today there are still some young fashionable ladies who eschew the modern brands in  favor of the traditional methods. “I looked at the shelf of hair care products in my bathroom, there were up to 10 kinds; all of which contained synthetic nutrients. Suddenly, I just wanted to change as I avoid using chemicals wherever possible” said, Ms. Kha – a young professional who has recently returned to Vietnam after studying Biotechnology in Israel.

So now, I wash my hair daily with natural shampoo and the effect is wonderful. I get all the benefits of branded shampoos but it is entirely natural, and my hair has never looked nor felt better”, she added.


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