The Many Benefits Of Orange Peels

Thanks to the benefits of orange peels, you can lose weight, boost your metabolism, eliminate body fat, and of course take advantage of some added energy.

Do you like drinking a fresh glass of orange juice right after you wake up?  Great!  Now tell us, what do you do with the peels?  If you throw them away, we are here to tell you that is a big waste, and that this article will surprise you by explaining all the many health benefits of orange peels. Keep reading to find out more!

Oranges are a delicious, refreshing, and nutritious fruit with a wealth of healthy properties.  Many countries enjoy the many varieties of oranges, and of course, we all take advantage of their vitamins to start the day in the healthiest way possible.  It it still true that we often use the fruit of the orange, although we rarely use their peels. By throwing away the peels, we are ignoring the huge health benefits they have to offer.  Would you like to know what they are?

Reduce cholesterol

Orange peels contain hesperidin, a flavonoid with properties that metabolize the lipids in the blood, and reduce the fat in the blood to accomplish this.  There is 20% more hesperidin in the peel of the orange than in the fruit.  So don’t hesitate to try them, it can help lower your cholesterol.

Provide natural fiber for our intestinal flora

Orange peels contain pectin, which is a natural fiber that protects possible stomach problems, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.  In addition to this, a series of good bacteria offers help to care for our intestinal flora, facilitating digestion and resolving bouts of constipation.

Combat infections

Of course, orange peels can offer more properties to protect from infection than the fruit.  They have high levels of vitamins that protect the immune system from colds and the flu.  Wonderful, right?

Help us lose weight

Surprised?  From now on, don’t forget that orange peels are a natural ally for weight loss.  If you use them to prepare a tea, you will increase your metabolism, eliminate fat from the body, and boost your energy levels.  You can drink two glasses of tea a day, one after waking up and one in the afternoon.

How can orange peels benefit me?

At this point, you are probably wondering what the best way to prepare orange peels is so that you can take advantage of all of their great properties.  First of all, they can be used daily in jam as a really delicious addition to desserts. But of course, jams do contain an excessive amount of sugar, which is why they are not quite recommended.

The best, easiest, and healthiest way to take advantage of the many natural benefits of orange peels is to prepare a simple tea. How?  It’s easy.  It is ideal to drink this infusion twice daily, in order to protect your digestive system, reduce cholesterol, and reinforce the immune system.

In the morning and the evening, boil a cup of water.  Add one tablespoon and a half of orange zest per cup of tea.  Let it boil for ten minutes, and rest for another five.  In the winter, you can add a teaspoon of honey.  In the summer, some ice and cinnamon can make for a refreshing beverage.  It’s delicious!

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