When And How To Use Bat Guano

All fertilizers need to be used with some common sense, and organics are no exception.

Bat guano’s need some time to break down before they can be utilized by the plants. It may take up to 2 weeks for the guano that you’ve applied today to be usable by the plants unless you use a catalyst (or enzyme) to help break them down.

I think that in combination with other fertilizers, bat guano will give you many great benefits such as better flavor quality, and a greater resistance to insects and disease.

They promote a ‘living’ microbial environment for the plants’ root system, and the plants will benefit greatly from this, as well as a gentle, slow-release source of nutrients. If you just want to supplement your nutrients with the guano for these benefits, then they work great.

If you want to use the guano as your sole source of food for container plants, I’d recommend using an enzyme supplement like Earth Juices’ Catalyst to compliment the guano, and quicken the release.

If you’re just looking to improve your overall flavor quality, and have a nice slow-release source of food for an outdoor garden, you could apply as frequently as once every 2-3 weeks, or most of the manufacturers would instruct you to apply once a month.

Several of the ‘full-spectrum’ organic fertilizers that we sell are made from bat guano, and earthworm castings, and a host of other quality organic sources, and are easier to use than straight guano.

They have more of a balance of all of a plants’ requirements, and are more complete than straight guano.

Because of this, if you’re looking for a stand-alone fertilizer, I’d usually steer people toward these as a complete food source for your plants. A couple of the guano based fertilizers are:


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